В Житомире открыта вакансия «Инженер по качеству ПО»

24 квітня 2012, 15:30

Our team that was founded in 2002 deals with the software testing. The world of QA and software testing is the world of people who have a thorough approach towards business. We bear the huge responsibility for the life of a final product. Sometimes our work resembles the chess match - one should see the result many steps forward, calculate precise tactical combinations.

Today we have a vacant place “on the board”. If you are thoughtful, consistent person and you have the experience from the height of which you can estimate the work of the developer, you are welcome here.

Position: Software QA Engineer.

- is JavaScript object oriented language?


- .htaccess – what is it for?

- Tired of coding?

Know the answers? Call us.

8-050-447-82-99 (or (0412) 48-47-47 starting from 14:00)

We are looking for quality engineer for full time position. Be prepared to work starting from 14:00 EEST.

English – intermediate level.


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